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Best Religious Music “The Lord’s Prayer,” sung by child prodigy Rhema Marvanne could possibly be the closest you’ll get to praying with an angel. The miraculous voice of (then) seven-year old Rhema Marvanne has never sounded better than it does […]

Religious Music Rock Star Bono has been making music history for decades. Throughout his long career there is one song U2 plays at every live performance: “I Will Follow.” Bono wrote the song following his mother’s death when he was […]

Best Religious Music Gospel, pop, R & B? “Shackles” AKA “Praise You” fits neatly into all genres and it’s classic Mary Mary. “Shackles” is their break-out single that kicked-started the talented Christian music duo to the popularity they enjoy today. […]

Best Religious Music Notice to old ladies and young children – do not be turned off by opening drum racket! “Feel it in Your Heart” is a great contemporary Christian rock song with an alternative feel that all audiences can […]

Best Religious Music There are a lot of Christian artists who know how to sing praise to the Lord, but there’s only one Jason Gray. This talented performer has a hit recording with “Remind Me Who I Am.” It’s from […]

Best Religious Music Mandisa is a popular contemporary Christian artist who sings with a style that’s pleasing to listen to and feels just right. “Waiting for Tomorrow” is a song about good intentions. The lyrics speak of change and being […]

Best Religious Music Amy Grant is the most poular Christian artist in recent history. One listen to “Better Than a Hallelujah” and you’ll understand why. Amy’s voice is smooth and soothing while still maintaining the performer’s edge. She takes great […]

Best Religious Music One of the newest Christian artists on the scene is Jamie Grace. She writes and performs her own music with flair and we love it! “Hold Me” is happy praise music that speaks of God’s ever-presence in […]

Best Religious Music Praise ballads touch the heart and connect us to the spiritual yearnings of others. “I Am” by The City Harmonic is a ballad that gets to you from the first line, “I am a man who built […]

Best Religious Music Some of the best religious music has the least amount of lyrics. “Come On (My Soul),” by Rend Collective Experiment is one of those songs. 15 unique words that are packed with a faith expanding plea to […]