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I wake. I am blessed to meet the new day. I stretch and snuggle, I am blessed with arms, legs and body at my command. I open my eyes, I am blessed with vision. I listen to the sounds and […]

Daily Prayer Help me to quit trying to change things through worry. Teach me to speak through You, and my life will change automatically. When I learn to change my thoughts, my life change will begin, from the inside out. […]

Daily Prayer I was thinking, the other day, about tea roses. The splendid profusion of hybrids— two beautiful plants bred together into something startlingly new and impossibly lovely. And it occurred to me that it was something like a marriage: […]

Bless the Nanas of the world, the Pop-Pops, the Gramps, who show us how to knit, how to fish, how to find a good mood even when their sciatica kicks in. Secretly holding the world together, they don’t compete with […]

Daily Prayer You have placed within me, my soul. It gives form to my thoughts creating my innermost feelings and driving my actions. I am possessed with goodness and remarkable power. Committed to: doing deeds of loving kindness, speaking out […]

Daily Prayer This is my day of unlimited chances. A day of uncommon favor and unending blessings. When Your favor and blessings overtake me, my change will come. I am ready and prepared to receive my portion. It ís my […]

Daily Prayer At the darkest hour, life triumphs, beating back despair with irrepressible joy. And the world rejoices because they know: One new life makes all death meaningful. Thank You for remembering what it is our hearts need, and providing […]

Daily Prayer Not my will, but Thy will. I try to hold this in my mind and my heart as I hold my worries up to You. Thy will may not mean a quick fix or the easy way out. […]

Daily Prayer Let me know Your will, Your hearts desire, and my own. Train me; prune me in the faith life, that I may bear fruit pleasing to You. Inside, show me how to love unconditionally, free to express Your […]

Daily Prayer Whether we are reaching for the last sale item or helping someone in need, it is far too easy to get wrapped up in ourselves. We fail to see the other person, complete with their own needs, their […]