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Karaoke is when regular people, like you and me, sing our hearts out, by reading the lyrics over background music to favorite songs. Picture your Aunt Edith rocking out to the head-banging Bohemian Rhapsody, and you get the picture. There […]

I go to the woods, for You are there. You, fully in attendance in every leaf and bough, replenish my soul with the sigh of the wind. I come here to be with You, where You dwell most presently, to […]

Each day is a blessing of epic proportions. I give thanks for what might seem meager comforts: real cream in my coffee, a day without a bill in the mail, Paso Doble, the Spanish two-step. Sometimes life is a dance […]

My earliest memory from school is this: “It’s a free country.” Later on, I recall: “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.” What I didn’t know then was the underlying truth – We’re mostly soul, wrapped in flesh and blood. Please […]

In a world rocked by devastation, by earthquakes and tsunamis, by starvation and cruelty, I am only one person. It is so easy to claim I can do nothing, so easy to be intimidated by the disasters before me. Please […]

I have been afraid of money . . . afraid that understanding finances would make me cold, that preferring security makes me faithless, that wishing for prosperity makes me greedy. Please clear my heart of fear, so that You can […]