Multifaith Prayers Archives

Daily Prayer May I honor Your Name always as a blessing on my lips. Your Name is not a weapon. It is neither a catalyst for anger, nor is it proof of my righteousness. Your Name is the hand of […]

Daily Prayer I am so tired. Help me to get past my thoughts of “What else can happen?” It seems like every time I turn around, the telephone rings with unwanted news. Or, someone on the job is making demands, […]

Daily Prayer By divine selection we are born to our parents. You have allowed me to be a recipient of my parents extraordinary love. You, have weaved the fabric of their character and values into my DNA. You have made […]

Daily Prayer I pray when I am fearful. I pray when I am in need. I sing praise to You. I lift up my hands, my heart, my soul. Please take me beyond myself and help me recognize the prayers […]

Daily Prayer I ask of You this simple thing: To make my friend whole again. Sickness is but a wrong turn taken, but You in your wisdom can lead her back to wholeness. Awaken within her with Your touch sublime. […]

Daily Prayer I search for your face wherever I go. What do you look like? Surely, when our eyes meet there will be this instant spark of recognition, allowing our destinies to collide. Almost everyone I know has found their […]

I know You’re there, but where? Worries are poking at me, sharp-clawed: my job, my family, my life. I can’t feel You today, and I am afraid. Where are You? Please make Yourself present— clear and tangible— let me feel […]

Let me love You with everything. Let my intellect adore You, my body understand You, my heart envelop You. Teach me to open entirely, that I may learn to reach for You with more than my words, for I am […]

I am willing to soften my heart to receive love I welcome the beauty around me and open my eyes to receive it I embrace my gifts of creativity and express them joyfully I walk in faith knowing that I […]

It’s not that I don’t believe in You. I just don’t believe in me. You are all, and I am nothing, so how can I get from here to there? The span between is endless, and if I fall, an […]