Multifaith Prayers Archives

I can’t sleep at night; I can’t bear feeling alone. I don’t know what I should do; I feel so uneasy. I have within me a hunger to know You. To know You in my mind, my heart, my spirit, […]

Daily Prayer I have already lost a baby. I have already lost holidays with a little one. I have lost peanut butter fingerprints in the kitchen and unidentifiable globs left in tiny pockets. I have lost a first date, a […]

Daily Prayer Down here where only the lantern-fish swim, too deep for sun to penetrate, I see a glint. It is You, reaching for me through the churning seas, a hand to pull me back to the surface and into […]

Today I reflect on another year gone by. 365 days of living and loving, of rising and falling, of questioning and answering, of sharing and safeguarding, of learning and stretching, of succeeding and stumbling, of laughing and mourning, of giving […]

It’s not fame that I seek, but a grand opportunity to shine through service. Isn’t that what follows all the buffing and refining? Shininess. You blow Your warm breath on me, and then rub-rub-rub. The lessons and the love are […]

Daily Prayer Please sit with me here, in the dark and the cold, and help me remember. Help me remember the natural peace her presence gave. Help me remember the grace of her heart, the generosity of her spirit, the […]

Daily Prayer By all accounts, it appears bleak. Part of me is taken away; part of me is no more. Yet I do not weep. I laugh, for You have made me a girl again, long-limbed and unconfined, my body […]

Why does everything happen to me? What do I do – when I don’t know what to do? How much more can I take? What do I do – when I don’t know what to do? When will it end? […]

Daily Prayer “I was young once, too,” I tell her. But she stares at me, as if I sprang, fully-formed and middle-aged, from the head of Zeus. How can I possibly understand true love? So I turn to You who […]

Daily Prayer My son’s balled up socks stink. The litter box stinks. Our poodle’s breath stinks. My attitude stinks. My life stinks. I need your guidance even more when everything stinks. Help me see beyond the daily grind of my […]