Multifaith Prayers Archives

You have to admit: You made me mouthy, gave me big dreams and great expectations. I even carry a portable soapbox with me in case I need to vent. But whatever I need to say, and however I express it, […]

Jabez called out to the God of Israel, “Oh that You would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let Your hand be with me and keep me from harm, so that it will not hurt me.” And God granted what […]

Majestic Sovereign, Source of beauty, When did You decide To create the rainbow? Was this Your design? Or perhaps it was a Fantastic discovery The moment Your Divine Light Burst through the firmament of heaven? Did You know that Your […]

At times, I feel I’m the engineer on this train, and some days, just cargo. All I need to know is that I’m on the right track. Before I even began this journey, You’d mapped out the route. Each time […]

Today I did not do that thing I should not do: That thing I’ve allowed to define me, for far too long. I tell myself stories about it. “It keeps me thin.” “I can’t resist it.” Today I realized those […]

Make a decision today, to be debt-free, and receive a life of abundance. Pray for it, plan for it, and make it happen. Consider the prayer of Jabez: “Dear God, bless me and expand my territory! Let Your hand be […]

I am. Breathing. I am breathing. A prayer runs through it. A prayer of hope. A prayer of love. A prayer of wholeness and heart. I am. Hearing. I am hearing. A song runs through it. A song of joy. […]

To start this day with joy. To end this day with peace. To start this day with longing. To end this day released. Live each day with wonder, With kindness, awe and grace. Live each day with courage, With trust, […]

Food on the table. Heat for the winter months. A decent day’s wage. Restful sleep, all the way through the night. Please provide for us the basic human necessities. And then, something more: Larger dreams, broader connections. A cause to […]

Love says: You are the one who believes that I will never find you. But I am searching, searching only for you. If only you’d realize that I reside in that place where you never seem to look. Love says: […]