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A mother loses her child and the world comforts her. Cissy Houston found solace in the prayers of the millions of well wishers and one other very special visitor: Whitney. Here’s what Cissy said to Whitney, “[God] came for you. […]

“Every time I get a hot flash, I think it’s God, with something like a cattle prod, inching me closer to Him.” Hmmm…weird. Megan isn’t talking about death by menopause. She’s explaining how a life stage so physical can be […]

Everyone has their top ten. Top ten greatest movies of all time. Top ten favorite books. Top ten hottest Hollywood hunks. Oh… so not everyone is in on the last one? When it comes to top ten lists, the one […]

“There are more Jews on than on JDate.” This is not a commercial for Match. Just a fact stated by a single Jewish woman looking for a single Jewish man to love. It’s a Christian thing too. When you […]

It happened again yesterday. Courtney was at lunch, gabbing with the girls. Her girlfriend Celeste was talking about how hard it’s been for her son to find a job. Lots of nodding heads, we all know how she feels. When […]

Money: It can buy a house, but not a home. It can buy a clock, but not time. It can buy a book, but not knowledge. It can buy medicine, but not health. What else is there that you can’t […]

They kind of knew each other. They all had a 3:00 standing at the same nail salon. Sandi and Barb were getting their manicures. Karen had her jeans rolled up to the knees and was soaking at the pedicure station. […]

Harley’s family is gathered round the dining room table. This is a special occasion and it’s celebrated weekly in the Kramer household:  It’s the eve of the Sabbath. Harley has three grown sons, Larry, Richard and Bobby. All three boys […]

You never know who is including you in their daily prayers, but someone, somewhere, always is. Eva’s banking on it; she’s a prayer junkie. With 22 prayer sites bookmarked, her computer is the Grand Central Station of prayer requests. Her […]

Emergency-room personnel transported him to the cardiac floor.  Long hair, unshaven, dirty, dangerously obese and a black motorcycle jacket tossed on the bottom shelf of the stretcher – an outsider to this sterile world of shining terrazzo floors, efficient uniformed […]