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Who took the fun out of making fun of somebody? Most people lose their taste for a cheap laugh and opt-out when it comes to embarrassing another person for the sake of a chuckle. Not Chad. He is full speed […]

Six days, six doctors. That’s what Aunt Beryl’s life has become. She’s an old lady but don’t ever let her hear you say it. She’s fighting the clock and hanging on to every dribble of life lubricating estrogen. Her eighty-seventh […]

Her Dad remarried three years after Mom died. It was painful all around. Her parents had a storybook love affair. Mom was perfect, his new wife is not. When #2 came into their lives, they were sad, hurt, and completely […]

She has a fear of infidelity. Jen isn’t worried about her husband being unfaithful; she’s worried about herself. It’s completely irrational. Jen and Tom have a great marriage. In seventeen years she has never felt remotely tempted. But she watched […]

She found herself in a very different kind of prayer group than what she was used to. Kay is a quiet kind of pray-er and these women were downright boisterous. As in, AMEN! YOU SAY IT SISTER!! And YESSSSSS – […]

The God Squad takes on evil, fights injustice and upholds the values of the people. Not to be confused with Linc, Pete, and Julie from the Mod Squad, The God Squad rights wrongs through a syndicated column. Not wrongs exactly, […]

He’s standing in a D.C. subway station, his hair is messy, and his violin is old. He’s a young fella, playing classical music with intense concentration. He made $32 for forty-five minutes of doing what he loves to do best, […]

Lucinda’s mother was only 9 years old. When we were kids we laughed about her age and thought it was very cool that Mrs. Doyle had a birthday on leap year. The calendar kept her young. What about the rest […]

Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to watch people’s actions through binoculars because it was the only time she could see people behaving naturally. Just being Jackie caused  anyone who saw her to point and stare. To be sure, celebrity has its […]

You always hear the usual stories of pennies on the sidewalk being good luck, gifts from angels, etc. Here’s a twist on the story: Several years ago, a friend of mine and her husband were invited to spend the weekend […]