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When my best friend Julie and I were 12, she confided in me a painful secret. We were walking home from school and I could sense something was wrong. It wasn’t like her not to tell me everything. Finally she […]

How is religion supposed to help us? I mean, deep down truly help us? As someone who grew up without it, I’m desperate to figure that out. After months and months of visiting places of worship, I’m beginning to see […]

In our culture, places of worship—churches or synagogues or temples or mosques—are the locations where religions are learned and practiced. Within those walls, people are building a relationship with God—or, at least, that’s what we’re led to believe. These are […]

If God is beckoning from my memories, I decide to take a moment to look for Him there. My past is a series of images, a pile of disjointed scraps, not one obviously embossed with the divine. If I piece […]

In the land of green tea and tic-tac lunches, Lily finds it odd that there are so many stores lining Main street with calorie-laden goodies. The affluent suburb she lives in is a mecca for over-exercising and under-eating. It’s fashionable […]

Gavin is seven years old. He’s smart, outgoing, and positively adorable. Jason is Gavin’s dad. He’s smart, outgoing, and adorable too. Jason decided it was time Gavin learned more about what Daddy does when he goes to work. So like […]

“I don’t need religion, I’m spiritual.” Robin was sitting in Barnes and Noble talking a little bit too loud to a younger lady standing next to her. They just finished listening to an author speak about his new book. The […]

There are little white lies, and great big bold-faced lies.  Somewhere in the middle is the kind of lie that Tricia got caught up in.  It started out with good intentions. Tricia and Dick were in New York, on the […]

Surely you’ve seen them out in public. At Denny’s holding hands around the table, saying grace before the meal. When you’re at the airport hunting for an outlet, in the corner with heads covered chanting ferociously. They’re praying out loud […]

Is there someone in your life who knows how to push your buttons? Can he or she make you mad with a single word? You’re not alone. There are tons of infuriating people in this world driving their family and […]