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Daily Video “Get Down” indeed! The song lyrics from “Get Down” may refer to knees on the ground in prayer, but we feel like “getting down” with the musical spirit of  Dawkins & Dawkins as they perform this soul-full hit. […]

Daily Video There are so many unique sounds in the Christian rock music place, and Flyleaf is the leader among them. We love All Around me along with millions of their fans. This popular young group of musicians make today’s […]

Daily Video There are times when simple is best. Simply play some good jazz music to a field of cows and be amazed. Prayables picks “Jazz for Cows” as today’s inspiring video. Never take for granted all of God’s creatures, […]

Daily Music Video Enjoy the Airplane song about flying by the Indigo Girls. We sure do! The lyrics are a beautiful blend of spirituality and reality, thoughts that most of can relate to. Airplane – Indigo Girls Nearer My God […]

Daily Video If you’re looking for a soothing and satisfying way to commune with the Holy One, look no further than Word of God Speak by Mercy Me. Prayables pick for today is this chill music video for praise, prayer […]

Daily Video The emotional power of Kutless performing Strong Tower is reason enough for our Prayables music pick of the day to recommend this top religious music selection: Strong Tower. Strong Tower – Lyrics When I wander through the desert […]

Enjoy the music of Casting Crowns at their finest. Prayables picks “Life of Praise” as today’s favorite spiritual song. Life Of Praise – Lyrics I will love You, Lord always Not just for the things You’ve done for me And […]

Daily Video William Tell Momisms Lyrics Get up now Get up now Get up out of bed Wash your face Brush your teeth Comb your sleepy head Here’s your clothes And your shoes Hear the words I said Get up […]

Daily Christian Music Video Lyrics – I Could Sing of Your Love Forever Performed by Delirious Over the mountains and the sea, Your river runs with love for me, and I will open up my heart and let the Healer […]

Daily Christian Music Video God of Wonders – Lyrics Lord of all creation of water earth and sky The heavens are your Tabernacle Glory to the Lord on high [Chorus:] God of wonders beyond our galaxy You are Holy, Holy The […]