Duck-CommanderWatching the early news the other morning was exhilarating. I was laughing and listening and agreeing with the values and wisdom of the guests, the Robinson family. So was my husband Shelly. For those of you who do not watch the television show Duck Dynasty, look it up and cancel all other plans for the evening. It is a comedy with a “GOOD” message. It is a message we grammas hold dear to our hearts and hopefully instill in our grandchildren. The show highlights a strong work ethic and personal responsibility for one’s actions – in other words, family values.

Here is their story – the values this family believes in (and so do I) that brought success and happiness to them in realizing the American Dream:

The patriarch of the family is a man by the name of Phil Robinson. He grew up in Louisiana without modern plumbing or electricity, yet he managed to earn two degrees and an offer to play pro football. He turned everything down.

He followed his passion: duck hunting. It led to his duck call invention, which led to his successful family business, Duck Commander, which led to his TV show, Duck Dynasty.

Why is this show successful? It highlights life’s lessons in an old-fashioned, heartwarming, honest and hysterical manner. It is refreshing and masterful in its ability to resonate what is really important.

Here are the Robertson’s values in realizing the American Dream:

  1. Remember, many people start with nothing. The Robinsons are a perfect example.
  2. Do what you love. Look where duck calling got the Robinsons.
  3. Humor and humility. They are so funny and filled with humility.
  4. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Who creates duck calls?
  5. Listen to those younger than you. Phil, the father, listened to his son and started the TV show.
  6. Don’t think big. Think purpose and passion.
  7. When opportunity knocks, pay attention and listen. Be open.
  8. Everyone fails. Just pick yourself up and start all over again. Have tenacity.
  9. Success is up to you and you alone. Go for it.

This blog is a lesson for grandchildren. Copy and paste these values to send to your grandchildren. If you do not know how…do what the Robertson’s do – ASK SOMEONE YOUNGER THAN YOU! 🙂

Do Something GOOD Today: Share your values with your friends and family.

Gramma Good

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