If we want something—we have to TRY! If we do not try, we will never know if we succeeded. That is a very special tip a grandmother can give to her grandchildren.

As grandparents, I strongly feel our grandchildren observe our actions and how we conduct ourselves. We should all value effort and hard work. Unfortunately, too many grandchildren today show a lack of effort.

gramma goodWe have to show our grandchildren that trying is important even if they fail. Did you know Babe Ruth hit 714 homeruns, but struck out 1,330 times? Even very successful people have some failure.

We need to share stories about ourselves with our grandchildren. Stories about our lives are interesting to them. Give them examples of how you tried. Tell them a real life story. You can even begin with a funny story about how you failed—even a silly story about how you even failed at climbing the stairs because you fell UP the stairs! Then tell them of a story where you succeeded. Always say, sometimes I failed and sometimes I succeeded, but I ALWAYS TRIED. Make the story age appropriate. Make the story exciting, because trying is exciting! It is goal oriented.

Our grandchildren will gain self-esteem when they try and have success. Layer upon layer of success builds confidence. The word TRYING should hold an important place in their vocabulary—and in ours too.

Do something GOOD today: Don’t put off something you’ve been meaning to try!

Gramma Good

gramma good


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