photoWhether you call it growth or a spiritual awakening, trauma is good for your soul.

Through trauma spirituality deepens, this is Post Traumatic Growth. My relationships and friendships are more dear to me than ever before.  I work to make each the best it can be. I look for the real meaning of the lessons in my life.  When things are not going well I go inward and seek Guidance for the wisdom or purpose. I keep the shade top down half-way in my bedroom window so that I can see the dawning of each new day and I am thankful that I am here to see it. Spirit gifted me with this process called, The Soul Inspired Tune Up.  My 2005 “robbery at gunpoint” and “2007 Divorce” allowed me to literally feel GOD throughout my very being.  I was on my knees grasping for air.  I couldn’t breathe.

Sound familiar?  We visited the seat of Source. On this fate filled day we are re-born. We are strengthened through our faith, love, and spiritual commitment.  Our Knowing comes from our direct personal experiences of visiting GOD in a most intimate way.

The world of academia has confirmed we are not crazy, we are resilient.  Welcome to your post traumatic spirituality,  I mean… Post Traumatic Growth.

After seven years of spiritual enfolding aka recovery from robbery at gunpoint, I have discovered that researchers at the University of North Carolina call this awakening Post Traumatic Growth.  This is new to me.  This research has been around for some time now. What is Post Traumatic Growth?

The dawning of new light!

Taken from the university’s website:  Post traumatic growth tends to occur in five general areas. First, sometimes people who must face major life crises develop a sense that new opportunities have emerged from the struggle, opening up possibilities that were not present before. A second area is a change in relationships with others. Some people experience closer relationships with some specific people, and they can also experience an increased sense of connection to others who suffer. A third area of possible change is an increased sense of one’s own strength – “if I lived through that, I can face anything.”  A fourth aspect of post traumatic growth experienced by some people is a greater appreciation for life in general. The fifth area involves the spiritual or religious domain. Some individuals experience a deepening of their spiritual lives, however, this deepening can also involve a significant change in one’s belief system.

Dr. Paul Wong in his May 2003 article Pathways to post traumatic growth describes 7 pathways to Post Traumatic Growth.  Number five is religious faith:

You have been wondering whether God listens to your prayers and whether He really cares. Like the Job of the Old Testament, you have complained bitterly about God’s indifference to your misfortunes. But now, the fog has lifted and you come to the realization that God is with you, crying with you and sharing your pain throughout your struggles. He does not shield you from suffering, but gives you the grace to endure and learn. You begin to hear God’s reassuring whisper and experience his tender embrace when you are feeling all alone and trembling with fear. Now you can rebuild your life on the solid rock of faith.

Your new day has dawned! Express your Self.  THRIVE!

This community is about 1,500+ strong.  We don’t want this to be our normal, trauma is not the preferred pathway to growth.  However, as the facilitator here I know many of your stories. Courageous you are dedicated to living and loving in bold new ways.

Thrive through the spiritual businesses you have created.  Thrive through the spiritual service you provide. Thrive through the non-profit organizations that keeps the cause alive.  Thrive through the healing wisdom you impart. Thrive.  This is your time of growth and expansion.  You are changing the world! There was a reason, a purpose and a Divine beginning. Thrive!

Mercedes Warrick, Soul Inspired Tune-Up

copyright 2012  printed with permission

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