My mother talks in a string of wisdoms…..  Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill is a favorite.  So the second part of Loving Your Mountain is to weigh the true importance of what it is you are facing.  Overall, is this really important, will it be important a week from now? Breathe! Evaluate then light up your mountain….Recharge!

When we are tired, stressed out and overwhelmed the mole hill looks like a mountain.  Have you re-charged your inner powering system recently?  First check your breathing and reset.  Then check where your shoulders are, if they are hovering around your ears…. breathe some more! Relax and release.

Now let’s Light up.
I love the sun it helps with creating a powerful imagine of Spirit’s Light filling me up!  Go stand or sit in the sunlight.  Early morning is a wonderful time-of-day.  The light is soft and new.  Imagine that one bold ray of light is entering your body through the top of your head.  This light is warm and loving.  This is God’s Light and as it enters through your crown move the Light throughout your body, “I AM Light and Love!”  Massage each and every cell in your body with this gift of Spirit.  Hold the Light inward.  Connect with your High Spirit and warm your Soul.  Recharge.

To stay in love alignment we sometimes have to fall out of love to feel the difference.  We have to fall out of alignment to know that we were in alignment.  Recharging can bring us back.
Be in Love Today!
In Joy!

Mercedes Warrick

Reprinted with permission. © 2012 Mercedes Warrick All Rights Reserved.

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