Your mountain is part of the natural nature.  It ascends you to greater heights.  It shows you new direction.  It keeps you still.  What is your mountain showing you?  Is it time to climb upward and see horizons of beauty that you may not have seen had you stayed on the flat and not ventured upward? Are you being urged to take no action and be still? Your mountain is wise, what is it telling you?

Accepting your mountain’s place within the rhythms of your life allows you to change your perspective and collaborate with this natural phenomenon.  It breathes and lives, you breathe and live.

When you love you mountain, you release the stress you are choosing and you breathe with it in syncopated inhalations and exhalations.

When you light up your mountain, you feel the warmth of Spirit flowing through you to recharge and replenish your spiritual balance.

When you become one with your mountain you accept its right to exist, you accept its presence and through this acceptance you begin to see new vistas.  You find peace.

Light up and feel the golden presence of Spirit within you.  Imagine the sunlight flowing through the top of your head and flowing throughout every cell in your body.

Now see the golden heart beat of Spirit within your mountain.  Breathe!  Feel your rhythms and feel the rhythm of the mountain. As your breaths come together imagine that you are glowing, extending your God Light into the mountain, rest here and become One. God is here.

When you are ready take three breaths to connect with Earth, Humanity and your High Source and come back into your physical space. Be aware as you go through the day listen for the messages of mountain.  It is your collaborative and loving partner.

Be in Love Today!

In Joy!

Mercedes Warrick
Reprinted with permission.
© 2012 Mercedes Warrick All Rights Reserved.

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