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This view of the Holocaust through the eyes of a howler monkey and a donkey will challenge your moral perceptions. What is repentence? How can a person achieve it? And how can we discuss — even honor — the horrors […]

By Corinna Nicolaou Chapter One In 2005, when I moved to a small town in the Pacific Northwest from the San Francisco Bay area, the pace of my daily life came to a screeching halt, but the activity in my […]

What would you do to handle all of the anger, rage, hurt and betrayal you feel if you lived through the Nazi death camps? Is there even a category for believing in God anymore? What has changed about God for […]

I have to wonder if I’m not more Christian than I realize—even though I grew up not attending church and have remained “unchurched” as an adult. I accept Jesus’ main teachings on an instinctual level, as do the people to […]

In “Manifesto,” poet and farmer Wendell Berry provides plenty of fodder for thought about environmentalism, free thinking and living a moral life in a consumerist world. Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton for their take on right relationships, losing ones […]

Ever wondered what America would be like if you were one of the few who survived an apocalyptic event? Would you know who to trust? Who would take care of you? Would you still have faith in God? Would anyone […]

When my best friend Julie and I were 12, she confided in me a painful secret. We were walking home from school and I could sense something was wrong. It wasn’t like her not to tell me everything. Finally she […]

How is religion supposed to help us? I mean, deep down truly help us? As someone who grew up without it, I’m desperate to figure that out. After months and months of visiting places of worship, I’m beginning to see […]

C.S. Lewis takes the ancient myth of Cupid and Psyche and gives it a whole new message! Join Lori and Alice as they discuss God’s will for us and why it can often be difficult to discern. Here’s a couple […]