May 2012 Archives

Imagine spending a year living among the poorest of the world’s poor: the African farmer. That’s what award-winning journalist Roger Thurow did beginning in the winter of 2011. He wrote the awe-inspiring book: The Last Hunger Season: A Year in […]

In our culture, places of worship—churches or synagogues or temples or mosques—are the locations where religions are learned and practiced. Within those walls, people are building a relationship with God—or, at least, that’s what we’re led to believe. These are […]

How can we be judged as sinful when we are what we were created to be? Is it a bad idea to be too assertive with God? Does mercy really come?  Join Lori and Alice today as they discuss the […]

Despite what you might think of Woody Allen as a human being, his work is almost uniformly hilarious. Often, he deals with his struggles with religion, God, and spirituality in a playful way. But “many a true word is spoken […]

If God is beckoning from my memories, I decide to take a moment to look for Him there. My past is a series of images, a pile of disjointed scraps, not one obviously embossed with the divine. If I piece […]

What an impact this diminutive friar born in 1821 in Assisi, Italy continues to have on our world!  When it comes to peace and living in right relationship, Lori and Alice agree that if he didn’t write the whole book, he […]

Just before Easter, I visited a Methodist church in my neighborhood. Officially, my religious affiliation is “None.” The number of religious services I attended growing up could fit on my fingers with enough left over for a peace sign. I […]

The title of this novel helps us know that even when life’s circumstances are difficult and limit our freedom to be ourselves, there is still something inside that helps us to find and use our voice.  Join Lori Strawn and […]