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As You’ve blessed me, help me be a blessing to others. Show me what I can bring to the table so someone else can have a better quality of life. Help me to share what I have, even if it’s […]

What is Kony 2012? Here’s the answers to your questions about Kony 2012: Who is Joseph Kony? Joseph Kony is the world’s worst war criminal. In 1987 he took over leadership of an existing rebel group and renamed it the […]

Daily Scripture It is not your responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world, but neither are you free to desist from it. Pirket Avot: 2:16 A person who is steeped in faith is accountable to God and her […]

Gavin is seven years old. He’s smart, outgoing, and positively adorable. Jason is Gavin’s dad. He’s smart, outgoing, and adorable too. Jason decided it was time Gavin learned more about what Daddy does when he goes to work. So like […]

“To have joy one must share it.” – Lord Byron

Having just moved to town, Gladys Dunn decided that on the first Sunday, she’d visit the church nearest to her new apartment. She found herself in a pretty sanctuary, and as the service began, she enjoyed the music offered by […]

Man and guitar – making music for the faithful, the seeker, and the sinner. John Mark McMillan, is a talented Christian artist who plucks and plays his way to deeper spiritual connections in “Daylight.” Daylight Lyrics – John Mark McMillan […]

There are eight million stories in the naked city, all of them overlapping. Help us find a way to take our homes with us, to carry them inside us so that we’re never lost. Create a mobile sacred space for […]

“And I shall be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel.” Leviticus 22:32 Lone wolf or member of the pack? There are advantages to praying in a group over solitary prayer. Certainly every situation is different. Yet in […]

“I don’t need religion, I’m spiritual.” Robin was sitting in Barnes and Noble talking a little bit too loud to a younger lady standing next to her. They just finished listening to an author speak about his new book. The […]