Her Dad remarried three years after Mom died. It was painful all around. Her parents had a storybook love affair. Mom was perfect, his new wife is not.

When #2 came into their lives, they were sad, hurt, and completely bewildered. What did Dad see in this polar opposite of their sainted mother? Still, it was his choice, and everyone tried to get along. The first holiday dinner with the two families was a disaster. There wasn’t a second.

She saw less of Dad. When they did get together, she tolerated #2. The mystery remained for thirty long years. How could Dad live with this lightweight? He couldn’t possibly be happy. Yet it appeared he was doing all right.

Dad is in his eighties now. He’s married as many years to #2 as he was to Mom. In a rare moment, alone with her Dad, he finally explained. “I know my wife is not the sharpest crayon in the box, she’s nothing like Mom.  And I’ve never stopped loving your mother or missing her. Often I look over at the couch expecting to see Mom, disappointed to see my wife. But I never wanted a replacement. I only wanted someone to keep me from being lonely.”

#2 is good company, that’s all. Their marriage is about companionship. She gets it now. She’s able to see God’s hand in the selection of #2 for her Dad. You marry for different reasons when you’re widowed. For Dad, finding calm in the storm was preferable to standing out in the rain and remembering blue skies and rainbows. God bless all the #2s’ who ease the loneliness and make somebody happy.

– Prayables

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