photoGavin is seven years old. He’s smart, outgoing, and positively adorable. Jason is Gavin’s dad. He’s smart, outgoing, and adorable too. Jason decided it was time Gavin learned more about what Daddy does when he goes to work. So like first haircuts, and the first day of school, Jason took his video camera and filmed the conversation he had with Gavin about child abduction, murder and rape.

As of this writing, 100 million people have seen Jason and Gavin talk about a bad guy and the work Jason does as a human rights activist. Invisible Children is the organization behind Kony 2012, the media driven campaign to capture the #1 most wanted criminal in the world: Joseph Kony. Maybe you’ve heard about it in the news, or you’ve seen Jason Russell on the morning talk-show circuit.

It’s an experiment to see if social media and a viral video can raise enough awareness to end nearly three decades of evil. It’s worth the watch. One young mother had tears her in eyes as she watched seven year old Gavin try to understand how somebody like him could be taken from his mommy and daddy and forced to do bad things. The first grader was curious, then shocked, and finally sad.

It’s a typical reaction regardless of age. We’re world-wide advocates against injustice. And for those of us over the age of seven, we can do something about it. God did not give us voice to tolerate cruelty. It’s good to have an action plan to add to the millions of prayers said every day for child soldiers and sex slaves. Kony 2012 is a pretty decent one. Pray, participate, and witness the beginning of a new generation of people doing God’s work here on Earth. God bless the children.

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