She found herself in a very different kind of prayer group than what she was used to. Kay is a quiet kind of pray-er and these women were downright boisterous. As in, AMEN! YOU SAY IT SISTER!! And YESSSSSS – PRAISE JESUS!!!

Shouting, clapping, unfamiliar language and 360 degrees of participation. It was a shock to her system the first few times. Little by little Kay added a few decibels to her prayers. Next she tried on a new affirmation or two. Before long, she was one of the girls, whooping it up with Jesus and finding new meaning in her prayer life.

Different can be invigorating. She thought of an old camp song, “Make new friends, keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” Loud and soft, with a group and alone, a multi-faceted prayer life has a way of staying fresh and meaningful. Sister, seek your new experience, and give praise in a brand new way. AMEN!

Hallelujah! We say it over and over but what does Hallelujah really mean? It means “God be praised.” Psalm 150, the Hallelujah scripture is all about praise, everywhere, everyone, and with everything. Use your voice for Hallelujah and praise God today!

– Prayables

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