There are more Jews on than on JDate.” This is not a commercial for Match. Just a fact stated by a single Jewish woman looking for a single Jewish man to love. It’s a Christian thing too. When you Google ‘best Christian dating site,’ you’ll find Christian Mingle listed lower than eharmony.

Religion is a factor when looking for love. Yet the online dating community is a great big melting pot of different faiths. Statistics tells us that the number of religiously mixed marriages is growing. But experts agree, religious beliefs remain a strong factor when looking for a spouse.

The single Christian fills out a profile, enters his or her preferences and anxiously waits for the perfect soul mate. Jew, Muslim, LDS, all do the same. The dating site is like this great big supermarket with the kosher section in one aisle and Indian food in another. You can take your shopping cart and check out everything the store has to offer, but you usually stick to what’s on your list, only occasionally tossing in something different than what you’re used to.

Hobbies, occupation, good looks, a cute personality that comes through in the bio. These are all things considered when deciding who to IM or add to favorites. Next a little Google stalking, some witty texting and before you know it, Voila – a date! You’re one step closer to finding true love.

Whether dating someone of your own religion is a deal-maker, deal-breaker, or not a big deal at all, bring your faith into the process. Talk about things spiritual. Ask questions about values. Show your new match the person who you really are by going beyond the profile. Date deeply, and don’t forget to thank God for the chance to honor His love with a new love.

– Prayables

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