They have been together for twenty-five years, most of them happy. But it wasn’t until Chuck got sick, that Nina discovered how much she loved him.

It started out innocently enough: A persistent cough, enough to be annoying…but not alarming. Eventually Chuck noticed other symptoms, and little by little, the evidence began to stack up. By the time he was diagnosed, Nina and Chuck realized their long-standing relationship had changed— for the better.

This is a love story with a happy ending. Chuck’s illness was the spark the couple needed to live and love differently. It’s as if God Himself came to the hospital room to have a sit-down with Nina and Chuck.

Miraculously, their eyes began to see life with new appreciation. Their hearts held gratitude they never could have dreamed of. Their two souls joined and they prayed as one. Throughout their love infused spiritual journey, they enjoyed each other like never before.

Chuck recovered. Their blissful sense of each other continues. What used to be an ordinary, even humdrum love has been transformed. Why is there sickness in the world? Ask Chuck and Nina.


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