There may be a generation gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. But one thing Sue Ellen and her children agree on: everybody’s working for the weekend. Sound familiar? Then you’re of a certain age, can hum the tune, and know most of the lyrics to Loverboy’s famous party song.

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend
Everybody wants a new romance
Everybody’s goin’ off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance

Strange though, to hear it sung by the Rabbi last Shabbat in synagogue. It wasn’t a typical sermon. This one made Sue Ellen smile and think deeply about the Sabbath. His point entirely.

The sages debate why God made the seventh day one of rest. One great thinker said Man needs the Sabbath to balance the week of work. Another said no, Man needs work for contrast, so he could enjoy the Sabbath properly. Sue Ellen just knows she is exhausted at weeks end, and the Sabbath is her day to chillax. A gift from God, thank you very much.

Let the ancient sages have their debates on “Why the Sabbath?” Simply knowing the Lord made it, is enough. If you listen closely to Loverboy’s lyrics with the Sabbath in mind, you won’t hear the beer bong or slippery sheets. You can imagine a weekend of renewal and peace of mind. A great romance, a second chance. The weekend everybody’s waiting for is here.

Observe the Sabbath. Savor it. Make it holy.

– Prayables

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