Rocky & Daddy

Rocky was only 4 when his Daddy went to jail. They were inseparable up till then. He went to work with him every day, slept in his bed and followed him everywhere. Rocky was tough, like his Hollywood movie namesake, but he wasn’t so tough when it came to losing the one he loved most for two long years.

This is a story about loyalty. Rocky was part Boxer, part German Shepard. If you asked his owner he’d tell you he was part Einstein, he was that smart. Daddy is a guy who has a heart of gold— everybody loves him. But he had a hard time staying out of trouble. That’s how it came to be that as a young pup, Rocky was separated from Daddy, his master.


Rocky went to live with Daddy’s brother. He flew by himself on a plane to reach the beaches of California. Uncle was kind. He took Rocky to work with him, let him sleep in his bed, and smiled when he saw Rocky following him around everywhere. To the casual observer, it appeared that Daddy’s absence was forgotten.

The day Daddy came home, Rocky was waiting for him. There were two on hand to witness the homecoming. Daddy’s girlfriend describes it this way: “Rocky jumped up, stood with two hind legs on the ground and two front legs around [Daddy’s] chest and gave kisses after kisses. We couldn’t tear him away. I swear; I could see the dog smiling pointed ear to pointed ear.

They were never apart again after that day. Daddy got married, had children and bought a house with plenty of room for Rocky. The years flew by and Rocky got old. His hips wouldn’t let him jump up on the truck anymore and he couldn’t go to work with Daddy. Eating became a sometime thing for Rocky and he got weaker. Mostly, Rocky spent his days sleeping on Daddy’s side of the bed. If you watched very closely, you could see Rocky breathing in Daddy’s scent and smiling his pointy ear to pointy ear grin while he drifted in and out of sleep.


When Rocky died, his big body was cremated but his soul went straight to heaven. There’s reward for loyalty, and dogs like Rocky get it. Daddy imagines heaven as a great big place where Rocky is watching down on him, sending his friendship, protection, and love like beams aimed precisely in his direction. Daddy knows Rocky is where he should be, with God, waiting patiently and peacefully to be re-united again.

– Prayables

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Carolyn Budd-Goertzen

    I have had dogs that were loving like Rocky and I loved them back–I have had wonderful dreams of them in Heaven bounding through the grass–Rocky will be there–I am convinced of this!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kelli Cameron

    I was so glad to see that Prayables posted a story about “man’s best friend”! It’s really true. Dogs love us unconditionally even though human beings are sometimes responsible for the pain that is inflicted on many animals. I, too, wish I could save all the poor souls that need homes!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Nadine

    This is such an inspiring story. I love animals sooo much tht I cry most always when I see the commercial tht shows abused and abandoned animals,where they play the song,in the arms of an angel in the background. It hurts me more than I could ever express to know or see the results from ppl abandoning and abusing these helpless,breathing human beings. If I could I would bring them all inside my home to love,care and nurture them. They feel and experience the same feelings,illness and love for ppl as we do. It kills me. This story reminds me of a movie I caught and watched one day that Richard Gere starred in along w this dog that walked him everyday to the train station and would meet him at the end of the day everyday,and they walked home together. Everyone along the way to the station ,at the station that were everyday same routiners knew this man and his dog and the love and partnership between thm. Thn one day the dog walked him to the train station as usual,except the man(Richard experienced a heartattack,I think it was while at work,and died. That dog sat at the station waiting and watching for his partner all tht evening,would not leave. Once he did go back home,but came everyday back to the station. Everyone that knew the dog fed him,cared for him,peted him,everything. Thn it was made known tht his owner died(his family)came got the dog and took him home w thm. But the dog ran away,going right back to the station. Seasons went by w this dog going sitting leavin and returning. Thn the dog died…the ending of the movie showed the dog after death,going to the station waiting,and his partner,owner,buddy,returning fr work and finally coming out the door and the dog doing the exact same as what was told in your story of the obvious feelings of love and admiration the dog had for his buddy. He stood on his hind legs,and hugged him kissed and kissed him,w those ears pointed upward as you’ve described. Of course I cried,and cried.

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