When Bonnie first met Liz she was in awe. Never before had she known anyone so much in love as her new friend. Great big love! Not the kind of “Big Love” hijacked by HBO for a T.V. show. But big love as in feeling it grow stronger every day, can’t stop thinking about it, doesn’t stop talking about it – that kind of love.

It started slowly for Liz. A little spark of something…not too much. No lightening bolt, no epiphany. She simply knew she loved Him. Their love responds to mutual kindness. She goes out of her way to do something unexpected for Him. He showers her with gifts. Their conversations are always honest, respectful, and they avoid petty topics. They really listen to each other. They care deeply about one another. With every breath, it seems Liz loves Him more.

Bonnie heard something about love on the radio that stuck with her: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” When she watches Liz in love, the meaning becomes clear. Every aspect of the love Liz has, is bubbling over in passion. There isn’t a drop of indifference between them. Every time she ties her shoe, He is there. She is the center of His universe and He is the center of hers. He is on her lips and in her heart every second of the day.

That’s how it works. When you love God like Liz does, you’re passionate. You act with kindness, you converse gently. Bonnie is learning to love by following her friend’s example. She prays for a big love of her own. She’s working on making it happen.

– Prayables

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