It was one line that redeemed the book from being utter crap to something worth reading. Tony was the central character. He was dating Veronica, a moody and complicated girl.  The first time he met her family, the mother caught him alone and quietly warned him, “Watch out for Veronica. “

When a good person loves wrong, we want to shout, shake, and tear him away from Ms. Not Good Enough. That’s what happened to Aaron. He fell in love with a crazy, possessive [insert word for female dog here]. There were sit-downs from his guy friends. Not so subtle hints from his parents. And even his girlfriend’s mother asked him if he realized what he was getting himself into. But Aaron was in love and it was full speed ahead.

What is the role of a loved one who stands by and watches mistakes happen? You can have the “talk” early on and caution gently. But ultimately, when it comes to love, everyone makes his or her own decisions.

In the book, things did not turn out well for Tony and Veronica. In real life, Aaron is unhappily married and headed for divorce. Yet love, for better or worse, is always an enriching experience. Even the bad love affair brings maturity and understanding. No need to try and control cupid from afar. God’s got this one. He is the life force within a human heart. When hurt happens, the Father extends his reach to nurture the wounded back to wholeness. Praise to the One who heals.

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