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It was November a couple hours after school let out. You know how it gets that time of year—darkness comes early. Vicky remembers sneaking into her house with a great big guilty secret.

She just spent the afternoon in a steamy make out session with a guy from her social studies class. Her mother suspected something was up and the hickey on her neck gave her away.

Good Christians don’t do that, Vicky.”

Understood. But what is it exactly that “good Christians” do? How can we shape our actions to honor God and live with spiritual purity?

Vicky is an adult now. Her neck sports some wrinkles and a scar from a carotid artery surgery she had two years ago. There’s no one in her life to give her hickeys anymore, but she does have the answers to what it takes to be a good Christian and a good person.

Vicky Tells All: What it Takes to Be Good

1. Devotion to Self
It’s critical to your spiritual… READ MORE

2. Compassion for Others
To be spiritually pure, we need to… READ MORE

3. Ambition
It’s not an ugly word. To be ambitious is… READ MORE

Vicky learned a lesson many years ago. Guilt and secrets don’t stay hidden for long. To be a good Christian, or simply to be a good person; it’s important to think and act like one. That means spending time in self-reflection, having compassion for others and making change happen. Whether you’re Christian, Jew, Muslim, or other, we’re all God’s children. We have the spark of His goodness in our soul.  It’s impossible not to be anything but good when we embrace the spirit God gives us.

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