Does there seem to be something missing from your life?  Is there something missing that no material possession or personal achievement can bring you?  This something could very well be your participation in close and empowering communion with God. If you do not already do so, begin to talk with God in the way you feel most comfortable.

Talk to God as you would a close friend. Put away all thoughts about what you should say and in the silence of your own being, in prayer, begin to talk to God as though you are sharing with your most dear and trusted friend.

Perhaps you desire to reestablish the habit of talking to God so that you can feel at one with God.  You may choose to begin by giving thanks – for something refreshing to your soul – or for a healing.  Know without doubt that a sincere talk with God will bring new understanding to your life.

In the quiet of prayer, you relax.  You let go of any need to force people or events to conform to your personal human will.  Instead, you choose to let the power of God move in and through you, to bring about the perfect outworking of each situation.

You know that it is not by personal might or power that anything islastingly established; the Spirit of God that dwells with you does the work.  Relaxed in mind and body, you stay focused on this realization.

Your prayer times fill you with joy and rejuvenate you.  When you relax in prayer, there is never force or strain; rather, there is happiness and fulfillment that is truly spiritual.  This happiness and fulfillment is much stronger than temporary human happiness.  These positive qualities are reflected in all your human actions.

You are at peace with God and with yourself.  A perfect work is done through the Spirit of God and you soon find everything that, as if a moment ago, was missing.

You are fulfilled as you faithfully work on your spiritual development. You do your best to put into practice God’s ways in your own life.  And then, silently and continually, you will be moving and progressing toward a spiritually enriched life.

Seeming barriers that seem to be stopping you from moving forward are dissipated and removed.  With God’s power, you will no longer allow anything to limit you and your future.

It is not necessary to know exactly what is holding you back.  You have to be willing to pray and to accept a new way of life from God.  Prayer cleanses you, completely.  Prayer opens you up to the purifying spiritual presence that will restore what is lost in your life.

– Christopher Chenoweth

Christopher Chenoweth is the leader of Positive Christianity, the worldwide Internet place for prayer. All faiths are welcome, it is a ministry without physical, or denominational walls, that the world can instantly access, and use, without cost.

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