Mrs. Goldstein comes to a hotel in a “high class” resort and asks for a room. “We’re all filled up,” says the clerk. “There’s someone leaving now,” says Mrs. G., “so now you have a room.” “I am sorry,” says the clerk, “but the real reason we don’t rent to you is that we keep out Jews.” “I am a Catholic,” says Goldstein. “Well, if you are a Catholic, tell me what happened to Mary?” “She was the virgin mother of Jesus,” says Mrs. G. “So what happened to the baby Jesus?” says the clerk. “He was born in a manger outdoors because there was not enough room at the inn,” says Mrs. G. “Well, o.k.,” says the clerk, “you seem to know a lot about Christian beliefs.  Just answer one more question.”  “Why was Jesus born in an outdoor manger and not in the inn?” “Because the clerk at the inn was a jerk like you who wouldn’t let Jews in?” shouted Mrs. G.

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