I don’t know why it’s so easy to assume God is a sloppy manager, standing silently with His arms crossed and waiting for confused workers to guess His priorities.  What seems more likely—especially when I think about it—is the idea that God sends a load of signals to direct us in the right direction, not the least of which includes using our skills and passions.

God knows who He’s working with.  We are not designed to read His mind, and certainly we aren’t supposed to ardently pursue work—no matter how noble—that doesn’t interest us.

The fact is, in this diverse world, it really does take all kinds.  Yes, we need the Mother Teresa types, but we need scientists and architects and bankers, too.  This is why I find myself coming to God in prayer seeking not to unbury some mystical will, but asking for help focusing in on the desires and impulses of my heart.  I believe there’s a reason I love to write, and the first step to realizing my “noble purpose” is to trust the passion that God put in my heart.

A few year ago, while working with a touring theatre company, I had a debate with a touring partner of mine regarding the nobility of acting.  He argued that there was nothing noble about his career choice.  I begged to differ.

“Theatre is all about empathy,” I said.  “Theatre gets people to sit down and be quiet long enough to imagine what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes.  I’ve seen and read so many plays that have helped me understand that people I thought were completely different from me actually go through a lot of the same experiences.”

My coworker couldn’t agree.  “I get that,” he said, “but I don’t act for that reason.  I act because I like it.  And if it’s bringing me pleasure, is it really all that noble?”

I don’t think his perspective is all that uncommon. I find myself caught in similar dilemmas.  As I map my future—whether it’s the next ten years or next five minutes—I still sometimes worry when my plans are filled with things that I enjoy, rather than the martyrdom that I suspect God is looking for.

I’m not clear on what God’s will for my life is.  I don’t know where He wants me to be, and what grand sacrifices He wants me to be making. I do know; God is here for me when I call, and He is here calling me ever-closer to the magnificent plan in store for my now and for my future.

-Abigail Wurdeman

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.”
Philippians 4:4


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