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Pray for the Persecuted Church

Christian Pakistani nurse asks police to arrest her videotaped rapist

A Christian nurse here has told police she was raped by a Muslim co-worker who filmed the act and showed it to her family in an attempt to blackmail her into renouncing her faith and marrying him.

Christians have little legal or societal standing in Pakistan — and Muslim criminals tend to assume they will not be prosecuted if their victims are Christians. However, the videotaped evidence this time might make a difference

Shaista Samuel, a 27-year-old nurse at the Services Institute of Medical Sciences, said she had worked several years on good terms with the man who began stalking her, then raped her.

She told Compass Direct News how she has filed a “first information report” at Shadman police station accusing Ali Adnan, an assistant accounts officer at the hospital, and an armed accomplice of abducting her at gunpoint from the government hospital on Aug. 21 and taking her to a house in Lahore where Adnan’s accomplice filmed the rape.


“[Adnan] was holding my arm tightly and forcibly led me to a white car in the parking lot,” Samuel said in tears, adding that as they approached the car, Adnan’s accomplice came out of the shadows and placed a handgun to her head.

“Adnan said that they would shoot me if I raised my voice. I was in complete shock … my senses went numb, and I could not believe this was happening to me. They took me to a house in WAPDA Town [for housing Water and Power Development Authority workers in Lahore], where Adnan raped me while his friend filmed the entire incident. They ruined my life completely.”

“I thought of him as a good friend, since we were working together… he used to visit my home often and was known to my family,” she told Compass.


Recently, however, Adnan had begun acting strangely toward her, she said.

“He started criticizing Christians for not observing the purdah [covering of women] and of following our ‘own brand of religion,’” she said. “One day when I was least expecting it, he told me that he had started liking me and that I should convert to Islam and marry him. I told him that I had always considered him just a friend, and that although I held him in great regard, marrying him was not possible since we belonged to different faiths.”

Adnan began harassing her at the workplace and by telephone, she said. “He used to block my way at the hospital, and then one day he forced his way into my house and threatened me and my family, saying that he would not rest until they marry me to him. He was acting like a mad man. He started cursing my family and even tried to set the house on fire.”


Disturbed by Adnan’s obsessive behavior, Samuel said that she tried her best not to come into any sort of contact with him. On Aug. 21, however, as soon as she entered the hospital he approached her from behind and forced her to sit in a car in the hospital’s parking area, she said.

“All this while, he told me not to make a commotion as it would only create an embarrassing situation for me,” she said. “He said he just wanted to talk to me to ‘clear up some misunderstandings.’”

He then led her to the white car, and the accomplice appeared. Samuel said the two men held her for over an hour and then dropped her back at the hospital, telling her that if she told anyone about the rape they would send the film to her family and also upload it on social networking sites.


In Pakistan, a rape victim is generally considered too shamed to resume a normal life or pursue marriage.

“I was devastated,” she said. “I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I did not share my ordeal with any person, not even my parents. I did not have the courage to tell them that their daughter had been dishonored, and decided to keep my misery to myself … I could not see my father and brothers face the shame brought by my bad luck.”

Her misery did not end there – Adnan began trying to blackmail her by phone, she added.

“At first he demanded that I convert to Islam, and only then would he consider forgiving me for refusing his proposal,” she said.

When she refused, he began demanding sexual favors and threatening to come to her house and show the film to her family – Pakistanis tend to shame the victims rather than the perpetrators of rape – but Samuel refused to be manipulated by his threats, she said.


“My defiance angered Adnan to such an extent that one evening he turned up at my home and showed the film to my parents,” Samuel said. “He then told my shocked family that they had no other option but to hand me over to him … he told them that he ‘owned’ me now.”

Adnan left the house, leaving the family, who are members of St. Andrews Church, which is affiliated with the Church of Pakistan, in deep anguish.

“We had a very tough decision to make,” Samuel said. ‘We could have either conceded to his demand or be ready to face the shame and dishonor by reporting his crime, but we chose the latter. Adnan must be punished for ruining my life. I thank God that he rescued me from Adnan’s blackmailing, otherwise I would have remained in mental agony for the rest of my life.”


Compass Direct says that a reporter tried to reach Adnan for comment, but he would not take the call.

Although Shaista and her family have filed a report with police, getting justice without higher government help is usually difficult for Christians in Pakistant. Police have yet to arrest the two suspects.

“My father and brothers have been going to the police station every day to ask them to record the statements of the accused,” said Samuel, “but the investigating officer of the case is using delay tactics. I’ve been asked ridiculous questions about the incident, but I will not be discouraged from seeking justice.”

Samuel said she was tired of suspicious and questioning eyes at her workplace and has taken leave from the hospital. The administration has formed a committee to probe into the matter.


“I am sick and tired of people staring at me and asking questions,” she said, adding that after she took leave, no one from the hospital administration had contacted her though she had heard of the committee’s formation. The two-member committee includes medical Superintendent Muhammad Javaid and the hospital’s finance director.

Javaid told Compass Direct News that the committee would record the statements of the complainant and the accused and would also examine the circumstantial evidence.

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posted July 21, 2012 at 12:55 pm

God bless Shaista and her family for their courage in bringing this to public notice. Perhaps international influence can shame Pakistani authorities into taking action to seek justice. Rapists have TOO LONG been indulged and their victims further victimized! They draw on the law of the Old Testament which orders that the punishment for rape is that the rapist “has to” marry the victim; the victim,being a girl or woman, has no rights whatsoever. Sharia law does the same. We in the west, and ESPECIALLY Christians, must speak out for truth, and seek justice for Shaista and all other victims of rape. The culture in her country says that she has no right to personal safety, much less freedom of choice or conscience, and the authorities don’t want to challenge the strength of tradition, even if the law would have them do so. At least she’s not in Iran, where there is no law to protect her, where she would either be forced into marriage to her rapist, or executed for “crimes against decency.” Now that we know about this, what are we going to do about it?

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posted July 5, 2012 at 3:18 am

Paul and Silas were beaten and placed in prison for preaching Christ.
Rejoice and be exceeeding glad for great is your reward in heaven. These men try to make you ashamed because you are a christian. They loved not their lives unto the death.
Revelation 12:11.
The most the man can do is kill you. Jesus will give you eternal joy in heaven. Stand for him and don’t fear this criminal.

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Medhat Mankarious

posted September 16, 2011 at 10:34 am

This is a common acts that is been happening now in all Islamic country, countries with Christian living in it, In Egypt, their is hundred of incident like this , the government is blessing these acts, Saudi Arabia are directing these criminal behavior and pouring their oil money for more, and the world are watching carelessly, but the Muslim have all rights and freedom living in Europe and United states

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Katy Yelovich

posted September 9, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Unfortunately Shaista lives in Pakistan, a country that has NO respect for women and their rights as human beings. I respect Shaista for her bravery and her desire to see that justic is done but unfortunately I do not believe that her rapist will see the inside of a jail cell. I sincerely hope that the good Lord will take care of her and her family and keep her safe from further abuse.

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posted September 9, 2011 at 11:59 am

Shaista, you are an amazing woman one to be admired for your courage and determination to get justice. I assure you, you have millions of women on your side, aqnd of course your loving family and most of all God. Have firm belief, that justice will prevail. Try to find other women who live in your country,there are lawyers, psychologists, teachers, (many of them have been educated abroad), who will be very supportive of you and will help you in your fight for justice. I know, there are many women that have had the same experience and found support in women’s groups, who are fighting for women’s rights and against male authority. You will be in my prayers.

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posted September 9, 2011 at 5:24 am

Don’t be ashamed of what these Bastards are doing. Stay strong and fight this all the way through. Keep depending on the Lord and I asure you that He will see you through. If you have to leave there when this is over to help you heal, then do so. But don’t give up. This kind of crap does not go on in the U.S. without some consequences, by lawenforcement or civilians

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