Pray for the Persecuted Church

Pray for the Persecuted Church

Do you dare to get involved?

Congress is discussing the end of a 20-year humanitarian program allowing persecuted Christians in Iran access to the American Embassy — so that they can apply for refugee status and protection, according to International Christian Concern.

Without this program,  says ICC, persecuted Iranian Christians who are unable to flee the country will likely face imprisonment or execution. If the program is not renewed, 688 persecuted Iranians who have already begun the refugee application process will be trapped in Iran and may be arrested along with the 254 Christians who have been arrested since June 2010. The ICC is an international advocacy group supporting the persecuted church.

Yousef Nadarkhani and family


One of the imprisoned, Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, was given a death sentence for apostasy in September.

“Congressman Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is calling for oversight of this amendment and all immigration policy, which could lead to the end of the program in Iran,” said ICC in an appeal to Americans to take action. “You can make a difference. Call Congressman Smith and the other members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to permanently instate the Lautenberg Amendment.”

Not sure what to say? ICC recommends these talking points:

“I understand that Chairman Smith and the judiciary committee is withholding the Lautenberg Amendment from the budget until it can be further investigated.


“I am calling to voice my concern over this move and ask that the committee support this important program in the budget as soon as possible to ensure that it is not ended, and that if it is stopped during the investigation, the committee will instate provisions for the immediate safety of Iranian religious minorities.”

“I am concerned over the severe persecution that Baha’i, Christians and Jews face in Iran, and believe that if we cut this program it will send the wrong message to Iran about our support for the religious communities increasingly being targeted by the government.”

“I hope you will allow this program to go forward on the budget so that it does not have to be moved in a stand-alone bill which would draw more dangerous attention to the religious communities already suffering in Iran.”


After you’ve made the call yourself, spread the word and ask your friends to call. You can forward them to this article.

Who to Call:

Congressman Smith, Texas (R): 202-225-4236
Congressman King, Iowa (R): 202-225-4426
Congressman Lungren, California (R): 202-225-5716
Congressman Gohmert, Texas (R): 202-225-3035
Congressman Poe, Texas (R): 202-225-6565
Congressman Gowdy, South Carolina (R): 202-225-6030
Congressman Ross, Florida (R): 202-225-1252
Congresswoman Lofgren, California (D): 202-225-3072
Congresswoman Jackson Lee, Texas (D): 202-225-3816
Congresswoman Waters, California (D): 202-225-2201
Congressman Pierluisi, Puerto Rico (D): 202-225-2615

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posted June 9, 2011 at 3:20 am


I’ve obtained several signatures and sent multiple faxes to many of the members of the U.S. Congressional House Judiciary Committee continuously since June 3rd.

THANK YOU, also, to those who have told me that they, too, have been sending their own same or similar faxes to help save these precious human lives from unjust –> targeting –>persecution –>prosecution –>sentencing –>imprisonment –>torture, and then –>execution.

Please keep on sending those faxes!

Thank You & Sincerely,

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posted June 6, 2011 at 9:27 am

The Washington, D.C. switchboard operators often need to know the nature of a call, and who to direct the call to, but very often, the congressional representatives’ administrative assistants and telephone message-takers, can only write down so much. A fax can get the information, whereas a phone call can be very good, but sometimes the note-taker will cut you off if the call volume is heavy, or if the topic is a distasteful can of worms, like this issue can be. The article about “Do you dare to get involved?” had an excellent title.

I still advocate telephoning and faxing and emailing each representative on their individual web sites.

Because faxes end up on paper, the members of the US Congressional House Judiciary Committee, who will be making this “life-and-death” decision over almost 900 lives, will be able to have some tangible papers in their hands showing them that the American people really do care about the lives of other people of faith being protected from the series of persecution–> prosecution–> conviction–> sentencing–> imprisonment–> torture–> execution.

With the knowledge we have, if we do not contact the members of the judiciary committee, IF we have the ability and IF we have the time and IF we have the resources to do so, then we have missed an opportunity to be of potential help to influence the rescue of almost 900 lives from the progressive oppression of the series of persecution–> prosecution–> conviction–> sentencing–> imprisonment–> torture–> execution.

I believe most Americans would choose to help preserve America’s good name and good reputation by helping to save precious irreplaceable human lives under extreme duress in a one-religion theocratic state/nation that executes those of other faiths.

Sincerely, in the Love of Jesus – Y’shua – Yahweh – Jehovah – The Creator of the Universe – The Most High God Who Loves Us All

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posted June 6, 2011 at 9:09 am

DATE : June ______ , 2011
FROM: Name: _________________________________________________________________
Street Address or P.O. Box: _______________________________________________
City, State [zip]: _________________________________________________________
Phone / Fax / E-Mail: ____________________________________________________

TO: Each and Every Member of the House Judiciary Committee: Representatives and their Fax Numbers: Zoe Lofgren 202-225-3336, Dan Lungren 916-859-9976, Maxine Waters 202-225-785, Dennis Ross Fax: 202-225-0585, Steve King 202-225-3193, Pedro Pierluisi 202-225-2154, Trey Gowdy 202-226-1177, Louis Gohmert 202-225-5866, Sheila Jackson-Lee 202-225-3317, Ted Poe 202-225-5547, Lamar Smith 202-225-8628

RE: Please SAVE & Make the “Lautenberg Amendment” Permanent – it Protects People of Minority Faiths in Iran, such as Christians, Jews, Bahai, etc.. from Execution and Imprisonment by allowing then necessary Access to the American Embassy to Apply for Refugee Status and Protection to Save their Lives.

Dear House Judiciary Committee Member:

[1] I respectfully urge you to SAVE the humanitarian “Lautenberg Amendment” from the budget cuts. The investment in SAVING HUMAN LIVES will have a far greater ultimate return.
[2] This is a serious “life-and-death” matter – not just a financial one. Genocide of any kind is never acceptable. America must always be known as brave, heroic, humanitarian, moral, ethical, and responsible. Other countries have acquiesced and “looked the other way” when persecutions and executions were known to be happening, so those nations became passive accessories to the human rights crimes by just letting them happen — but not America! The “Lautenberg Amendment” has served to help save the lives of so many living, breathing, precious human beings who cherish their own sincerely-held minority religious beliefs other than Iran’s state religion of Islam.
[3] The “Lautenberg Amendment” shows the caring heart of America, to reduce religious genocide and persecution. Cutting the “Lautenberg Amendment” from the budget would tarnish the good reputation of America and Americans, as a caring and heroic nation.
[4] America must continue to protect precious human lives from unjust religious persecution, execution and imprisonment, by preserving American Embassy access to persecuted peoples of minority faiths who live in Iran, so they can file for refugee status and protection. America and Americans have a moral, ethical duty to uphold human rights.
[5] If the provisions of the “Lautenberg Amendment” are stopped during the investigation, I strongly urge you to make sure the committee immediately puts in place all provisions necessary for the immediate safety of Iranian religious minorities, to save them from harm.
[6] I respectfully direct your attention to the article located on the web site of:
[7] I strongly urge you to save lives by saving the “Lautenberg Amendment,” and I look forward to seeing that you did just that.

Thank You & Sincerely,
Your Name ______________________________________________________________
(My Contact Information is Above.)

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posted June 3, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Oh, and what about the great commission? If they leave, what happens. If the early Christians fled Rome, what would we have?
Anyway, thank-you (facetious) Jimmy Carter for all the damage you have done, and perpetrated, and of course, we can’t forget Bush 2 for single handedly destroying the church in Iraq. Don’t blame Saddam Hussein, Saddam kept the damned Shiites in line and protected the Christians. Really, who did more damage to Christianity in the middle east, Saddam or George 1 and 2. As for me, give me Saddam. We ignorant foolish Americans shouldn’t forget that Sadaams foreign minister, and deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, was Christian, and sentenced to death. By the way, he was right about weapons of mass destruction, wasn’t he?

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posted June 3, 2011 at 8:16 am

Set them FREE..A.S.A.P. quit lollygagging around and move on this..quit all the talking and all that stuff. Help them NOW!!!

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