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We were on the road to Malinalco, Mexico, when we came upon clusters of people of all ages walking along the highway. It was surprising and mysterious to me. As we passed families, groups, and individuals, I felt as if […]

Approach the world of spiritual practice with trust and an open heart. Don’t be afraid of spiritual experiences. Strange sensations of energy, a feeling of deep love, vulnerability, connectedness, and a loss of ego and control are all aspects of […]

It seems almost silly to have to say it, but to improve at anything practice is almost always essential. Right? Even if you want to get good at doing nothing, you still need to do a lot of it! Most […]

When people hear the word ‘ritual’ many think of empty actions, repeated and repeated without meaning. The word “habit” and ritual are often connected. Frequently people in the Western world even use the word in a negative fashion, associating ritual […]

If we think of spirituality as our deepest experience of The Sacred, in the world and within us, then we see that religion may be a support to exploring and experiencing these elements. The religions of the world are vast […]