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We were on the road to Malinalco, Mexico, when we came upon clusters of people of all ages walking along the highway. It was surprising and mysterious to me. As we passed families, groups, and individuals, I felt as if […]

Approach the world of spiritual practice with trust and an open heart. Don’t be afraid of spiritual experiences. Strange sensations of energy, a feeling of deep love, vulnerability, connectedness, and a loss of ego and control are all aspects of […]

For the American reader, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Regardless of the cloudy history of this celebration, it has come to mean a time of family, food and discount shopping – not always in that order. Naturally, it’s all to be sprinkled with […]

If you wanted to be great at a sport, a natural necessity in your training would involve first assessing what muscles and systems of the body you’ll use most, and then building an exercise plan around that information. In fact, […]

The world is filled with bright ideas, innovative solutions, and great opportunities. The biggest challenge always lies in finding your own motivation and willingness. In Eastern traditions, there’s an old expression about the journey to enlightenment. It’s been said that […]

There is a lot of discussion today about bullies and the sometimes deadly cost of bullying in the news. Some wonder if the there is an increase in bullying, or if we are just becoming more aware of the problem. […]

You need to have fun–often! And you need to get out of your busy mind–often. Not only does it help to develop a playful attitude during daily activities, but you also need to schedule time to relax and be creative. […]

If you want to understand the stars you will need to use a telescope. If you want to understand a molecule you will need to use a microscope. If you want to understand the ocean eventually you will need to […]

Intuition is more than the accumulation of old information in an instantaneous brain blast. It’s the gut feeling, the hunch, or “knowing” that defies experience or understanding. We’ve all had these experiences at one time or another. Some dismiss them […]

Lasting change in the world begins in the heart and the soul of each person. It begins in your home. It is easy to find people who can tell us what to believe, what is wrong, and what to do. […]