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Practical Spirituality

The Art of Intuition

If you wanted to be great at a sport, a natural
necessity in your training would involve first assessing what muscles and
systems of the body you’ll use most, and then building an exercise plan around
that information. In fact, you would likely need physical conditioning before
you could even take certain risks, or take more challenging steps in your
performance. In a similar way intuition and self-awareness are much the same
and take time, practice and exercise before we can engage them at a high level.


Fortunately, there are exercises we can do to grow our intuition and awareness. Each
region of the brain has a specific, dedicated focus and related areas of
function, and so we can target those areas we want to enhance or improve. The
artistic right hemisphere, for example, is dedicated to the creative self: art,
music, poetry, imaginative/creative pursuits AND intuition. In other words, if
you increase your diet of the arts and exercise your creativity through a
regular artistic pursuit, you can build your sense of self-knowing and
intuition–which means that knowing which career is best for you can be
supported by writing poetry. Knowing if a relationship needs a change can be
assisted by painting. Deciding where your life is out of balance can be aided
by learning to play an instrument.


Two things to keep in mind: you do not have to be artistic or
“good” at art to benefit
 , nor are these the only
solutions you’ll need to find the answers you seek, or to grow your intuition –
but it will give you a great advantage and could be fun!!!


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R. Eugene Laughlin

posted November 24, 2010 at 1:44 pm

First of all, I’m generally in agreement with the notion that art and artistic pursuits enrich the human experience, in any number of ways. However, your statements about brain function are overly simplistic to the point of gross inaccuracy and misinformation. Consequently, your conclusions about art and intuition are inherently flawed.
While there are functional divisions in brain tissue that break along regional lines, high level functions, such as “art, music, and poetry” that you attribute to “the artistic right hemisphere” are in no way limited to any one region of the brain, but are distributed across multiple neural systems (incidentally across both hemispheres) and tend to recruit from virtual every regional division we can imagine. The strongest evidence against your statement is that many people who have suffered severe damage to the right hemisphere don’t necessarily lose whatever creative talents they had before the injury.
Given that the regional/functional divisions you claimed is faulty, the assumption that improving one’s artistic expression should automatically improve intuition is unfounded.
Okay, that was harsh. In truth, Dr. Ellerby, I appreciate what I assume your intent is here, to incorporate the fruits of modern science into practical advice aimed at personal development. But I must challenge you to do better. The 30 year old assumptions about the left-right functional divisions you’re relying on have been largely discounted by continuing research in those 30 intervening years. If you’re going to talk about the brain you really have to keep up. It’s a relatively fast-paced area.
There is a cognitive neuroscience of intuition, though it’s not often discussed in terms of “intuition” itself. Look into the division between declarative and non-declarative systems, and the difference between explicit vs. implicit processing. Intuition is a function of “implicit” processes, such as priming and basic associative learning (classical conditioning). Now, figuring out a way to use the available information on implicit processing to improve ones intuitive responding to the world… now that would be something special.

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posted November 30, 2010 at 6:10 am

Really, people are but only sharing an opinion. There are always people waiting to make long comments. Eugene reallyyyyyyyyyyy. I think art can add long term value to anyones life. Peace, Love and Light

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R. Eugene Laughlin

posted December 21, 2010 at 11:15 am

Coco wrote:
“Really, people are but only sharing an opinion. There are always people waiting to make long comments. Eugene reallyyyyyyyyyyy. I think art can add long term value to anyones life. Peace, Love and Light”
Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not their own facts. Misinformation should be confronted wherever it is recognized, and this article is loaded with misinformation.

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