The Pop Culture Road Trip

I had the privilege of speaking with inventor/internet pioneer Dan Harple recently for this story I wrote for AOL News.

It starts like this:
Those great stage sets of the mid-1970s took arena rock where it had never gone before.

Pink Floyd delighted its fans with a giant, inflatable pig. The Rolling Stones had a six-pointed “lotus petal” stage that opened to reveal the entire band. And the Electric Light Orchestra had its own onstage spaceship.

That era brought rock concertgoers their first taste of strawberry wine, and also their first taste of high-concept stage productions.

While it’s all but impossible to track down what happened to all of these elaborate (and expensive) stage props, there is one that remains today, blissfully suspended in a state of 1970s animation.”

From there, you learn about one artifact that Harple has preserved on his property – it’s amazing what he’s done, and I hope you get a chance to read the story…

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