The Pop Culture Road Trip

At the NAMM show in January, I popped into the Meyer Sound theater one afternoon to hear a presentation from none other than former-Grateful Dead-member-current-Rat-Dog/Further member Bob Weir. Weir was discussing the revolutionary studio he’s creating in San Rafael, Calif.

Working with longtime Dead sound sculptors John Meyers and John Cutler (among several others), Weir is creating an incredibly evolved workspace that will provide for recording, live broadcasts and much more in a sonically controlled environment that will allow them to create/re-create essentially every kind of spacial performance situation imaginable.
Artists like Weir are the ones that give me faith in the industry – he’s still pushing boundaries, still challenging his own creative limits and still thinking of ways to share his art in inventive ways.
Here’s part of the discussion I had with Mr. Weir after his compelling presentation (if the player below does not open.)
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