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After skimming the year-end Rolling Stone wrap up issue, I have to say I was taken aback with the exclusion of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” on the “best of” album list. I knew the magazine stopped being relevant a long time ago, still, here was a chance for a little redemption. But no – after this band overcomes the brutal loss of their brother in arms, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, to produce a brutal, majestic, open-wound classic – you totally ignore both the album and the single. Nice. 

(And the album bumped Eminem from the top slot – you may not get the music – but how about the impact?)
But you really topped yourself by not even including Sullivan on your list of who the music world lost in the last year – how do you justify that? What sort of message does that send? Are you that out of touch? Are you even aware this band exists and that Sullivan died in the last year?
Here’s hoping the entire A7X family collectively decides that you’re not worth their time, either.
Magazine, meet bird cage.
I *like* our bird.
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