The Pop Culture Road Trip

Today the president is in New Orleans, speaking about the five years that have passed since the levees there breached in the wake of hurricane Katrina – which actually did not hit the city full force.

But it did hit Mississippi hard and yet, there’s little focus on the loss that took place there. I love New Orleans and Mississippi – particularly the delta region here so much blues music was born in and of the rich soil.
I visited both places after the storm to work on refurbishment projects as part of the Hampton Hotel Save A Landmark program, of which I am spokesman. I met amazing people in both places – hardworking, put-upon souls who were doing whatever they needed to survive and protect their families.
Today though, it seems like Mississippi still does not receive the proper focus and support. New Orleans became a more iconic visual for the tragedy, no doubt – but today at the ceremony, there was scant mention of ole Miss and I can’t imagine how frustrating it has to be to watch the news and realize that, for some odd reason, you just don’t warrant the same amount of attention as your neighbor.
Am I imagining this? Anybody else notice the disparity?
I think we need to remember all of these places – and all of these people. 
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