The Pop Culture Road Trip

From here in Southern California, a trip across the border to Tijuana or Rosarita Beach used to be  fun, affordable road trip.

But no more.
The murder, mayhem and corruption fueled by drug cartels has made such a trip foolish, if not lethal.
Look at some of the breaking news:
CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (Reuters) – Two car bombs exploded in northern Mexico early on Friday, days after marines found the bodies of 72 people gunned down in the country’s escalating war with powerfuldrug cartels.

The attacks came the same day officials discovered the body of a police officer investigating the massacre of dozens of migrants in the latest attack linked to Mexico’s drug war.

Fourteen drug-related slayings were reported on Friday in different locations in the Pacific beach resort of Acapulco, popular with U.S. tourists but also a key transit point for narcotics. Several of the bound and blindfolded victims were covered with messages threatening rival cartels.”

Do you think the U.S. should get involved? Offer forces? Anything?

It’s sad to watch a country, a neighboring country, implode under such violent force. 

What do you think we should do?
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