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I’ve written recently about the band from here in Huntington Beach beach, Avenged Sevenfold, and their dedicated, passionate fans. This week the group achieved an impressive milestone – bumping Eminem out of the number one slot on the Billboard album chart with their new collection entitled “Nightmare.” 

I’m writing a review of the CD for my newspaper column next week – but in advance of that, I thought I’d share part of a message I received from Jimmy Sullivan’s mom – Jimmy of course was the band’s drummer who tragically passed away late last December. Barbara Sullivan is a remarkable woman in my eyes – brave, honest and forthright. The gravity of her words is powerful, as is the underlying message…
He (Jimmy) loved life, and was really looking forward to recording and touring again with his best friends.  Jimmy did not know he had an enlarged heart.  On the day he died he was drunk – an addiction he was battling daily and thus the trace amount of anti-depressant.  He took a powerful pain pill as he was having extreme heartburn that evening.  It was a combination of all four things that overwhelmed him, and it was not deliberate.  As a mom, I would like to tell the fans that Jimmy nailed it – it IS a nightmare to be left behind suffering, we have no choice but to make our own way……and it isn’t so cool to drink too much or to share your prescription meds even if your friend is in pain.”
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