The Pop Culture Road Trip

The National League finally won last night in a fairly exciting game in Anaheim. We attended, and regardless of the outcome, there’s just something exciting about being at an event that still generates lots of buzz and attention.

For all the action on the field though, for me, the most exciting moments were the day before during the players press day. I still get like a kid around ballplayers – maybe it’s because like 99% of all little boys, that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. 
My daughter, who was working on a TIME for Kids story and I wandered the events, soaking it all up, getting player quotes and enjoying the atmosphere. The lo and behold, Claire scored perhaps her biggest sports-related interview ever – a one on one with St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols. 
The superstar slugger gave thoughtful, gracious answers to each of Claire’s questions, taking time on a day when he could not have had too much to spare. 
Of all the great moments we saw the last several days – this was one for the books.37856_409485011289_69859551289_5021614_6811566_n.jpg
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