The Pop Culture Road Trip
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Briefly – I wrote several weeks ago about the many heartfelt notes and letters I’ve received this year in regards to some articles I wrote about Jimmy Sullivan, the drummer from the band Avenged Sevenfold. They’re based here in Huntington […]

Just west of Kingman, Arizona, charming old Route 66 climbs into the Black Mountains, becoming a winding, treacherous, nerve-wracking drive with no guardrails (just the occasional protective cable) and plenty of hairpin turns. Past filling station ruins and skeleton cars […]

Just returned from the road, where my son and I were on a dinosaur dig expedition in Utah. My son, a soon-to-be-17-year-old paleontology student, has been fascinated by prehistoric life since he was a little boy. For years we’ve gone […]

Road trip to Las Vegas this past week for a book signing. On the way home to Southern California, we passed, and chuckled (as most do) at the sign for “Zzyzx Road.” Only this time, we got off and drove […]

The National League finally won last night in a fairly exciting game in Anaheim. We attended, and regardless of the outcome, there’s just something exciting about being at an event that still generates lots of buzz and attention. For all […]

If you’ve followed the story, you know that what started out as an AOL Weird News article just a couple of months ago now soon became something much more. Such was the case when my opening day piece lamenting the sorry state […]

“He is the Francis Scott Key of baseball, and whatever you can do to preserve his memory and legacy, it’s definitely something baseball fans should get involved with.” That’s what Los Angeles Dodgers team historian Mark Langill told me last […]

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail yesterday (though she will most likely serves a quarter of that) for violating court-ordered programs put forth as a result of actions stemming from her alcohol/drug addictions. I don’t know if […]

Hope you all had good weekends and had at least a moment or two to reflect on the meaning of the holiday.  Also, as flags were hoisted, I wonder how many considered the odd little path that got us the […]

You may have seen this article I wrote for AOL News in the last few days. The headline blared, “Jim Morrison’s Ghost said to Haunt Restaurant Bathroom.” Given the amount of mail I received about the piece, and how many […]