The Pop Culture Road Trip

It was quite a couple of months for rocker Bret Michaels. April 12, an emergency appendectomy. April 21,  a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. May 20, a stroke.

So it’s no wonder the public has watched intensely as he has carefully come back into the spotlight. His appearance on the American Idol finale this year was, for many of us, one of those unforgettable moments when you root, cheer and pray for someone all at once. 
Yes, in his career Michaels lived excessively at times. But he also proudly supports the troops here and abroad, traveling to play for soldiers and voicing his support from stages all over the world. 
A diabetic, he’s also done a lot to raise money and create awareness for the disease.
I was backstage at the Idol finals this year and the Michaels appearance was kept completely secret. It wasn’t until he walked on stage for his duet with Casey James on “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” that most of knew what was happening. 
He looked good. He sounded good. It was as if nothing had been wrong. 
When Bret came down to talk to the media, it was a bit different. He was helped to the microphone by two assistants. His walking was weak, he was clearly tired, but still, remarkably energetic given what he had been through. 
I taped a bit of one of his answers and thought I’d share it here as an example of just how amazing he was that night, off stage. After this, he greeted fans, took photos, signed autographs–he was Bret Michaels.
Some of the people there that night had concerns that he was pushing himself too hard, too fast. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. But listening to him, you heard a man who was thankful, faithful and grateful to be standing there. 
He asked the room humbly – “Did I sound okay out there?”
And the room cheered.
As he embarks on his summer tour, in our house we’ll be cheering for him too.
What do you think? should he be taking some time off to recuperate?
Here’s the video I shot at American Idol:
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