From the WaPo, via dotCommonweal:

Kenneth W. Starr – investigator of President Bill Clinton and longtime pillar of the conservative legal establishment – has endorsed President Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court.

During a question-and-answer session after a speech Thursday in Los Angeles, Starr said he “supported the nomination” of Sonia Sotomayor to the high court, according to a statement issued by Starr’s office at Pepperdine University Law School, where he is Dean.

Starr told the gathering at Loyola Law School that he “thinks very well” of Sotomayor, whose nomination has triggered strong opposition from conservative groups.

The piece notes that the conservative oposition to Sotomayor is being organized by one of Starr’s fellow travelers, Ed Meese.

And meanwhile, GOP Sen. James Inhofe refuses to even meet with Sotomayor–who he says he will vote against. Nice to keep an open mind.

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