So says the publisher of Prayer and Action News, an anti-abortion newsletter and Web site that slay suspect Scott Roder liked. Dave Leach tells the Des Moines Register that Tiller’s murder could be biblically justified as a way to prevent what he sees as the murder of unborn babies.

He said he did not condone death but he wouldn’t condemn it:

“I grieve for Dr. Tiller,” Leach told the paper. “I rejoice for the babies who will not be killed.”


Although he doesn’t claim to have a large group of followers, Leach said he has met several people who took up arms against abortion providers. He said he met Roeder once 11 years ago.

“He seemed like a nice guy. Personable, good sense of humor,” Leach said.

Leach said he doesn’t condone or plan any such violence, but he understands why others do.

“Based on what I’ve seen so far, the biblical evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of anyone who would give up everything to save thousands from a violent death,” he said.


Leach is known locally as a perennial political candidate and host of the “Uncle Ed” cable television show, which mixes music with his views on abortion and other topics.

Leach said he would never attack abortion providers. “I have a great excuse for not doing that. I know nothing about guns,” he said Monday.

Leach said he welcomes civil discussions with anyone who believes the Bible forbids killing an abortionist. Maybe such a discussion could change his mind, he said.

When asked if abortion providers have anything to fear from him, he chuckled. “All I want to know is what God has to say,” he said. “Some people fear that.”

Har har. I prefer Rusty Reno’s exegesis for elegance, at least.

H/T: RNS blog.


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