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Don’t see the connection? Check out my essay on the topic at PoliticsDaily. The lede: So why does it seem as though every prominent shiksa wants to be a Jewish queen? As in Queen Esther, a favorite heroine of the […]

Okay, it’s one thing for uber-Traditionalist Catholic Mel to dispense with his marriage of 28 years and 7 children in private court proceedings. But what’s up with the talk-show parade to promote his latest squeeze, Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva, who […]

Notre Dame law professor and Obama supporter Cathleen Kaveny tells the Chicago Trib’s Manya Brachear that Sotomayor’s “shows you that you can’t put Catholicism in the U.S. in a box.” Indeed, whatever the level of the nominee’s practice, she seems to […]

Steve Waldman has White House confirmation. But an administration official later elbaorated: “Judge Sotomayor was raised as a Catholic and attends church for family celebrations and other important events.” Sotomayor also served with Jesuit Father Joseph O’Hare, the retired president of […]

That’s the take from CT movie blogger Peter Chattaway on Terminator Salvation, which opens today: Regarding Terminator Salvation, director McG told mtv News that he and writer Jonathan Nolan were influenced by the stories of Luke Skywalker, Neo from The […]

    “Right now, to me he’s, like, the dumbest person I ever came in contact with in my life.”     –Wanda Cromitie, sister of James Cromitie, described as the leader of the foiled plot to bomb a synagogue in the Bronx. […]

I was okay with Obama. But now the Fighting Irish are in talks to be the first to play college football in the new Death Star, er, Yankee Stadium: Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame‘s athletic director, [told the New York Times […]

That is the judgment of the editor of L’Osservatore Romano, Gian Maria Vian, whose paper’s rather neutral (neutered, to some) coverage of Obama has been in decided contrast to segments of the American church–and no small cause of consternation to […]

Many would agree, no doubt. But that line, from Dan Gilgoff’s conversation with Gingrich on his conversion to Catholicism, refers not to his political philosophy (that comes later) but to part of the appeal of the church for the former […]

Er, yer Holiness, sir… Must be spring in Rome, as Benedict brought out the saturno, so-called because of its resemblance to the planet. From today’s weekly general audience. [Photo via CNS/Reuters]