Cutie & Fiancee.jpgFather Alberto Cutie’
, a.k.a. “Father Oprah,” the hunky South Florida priest with a popular television minstry on relationship advice and–it turned out–a girlfriend of his own on the side, has joined the Episcopal Church. That was fast.

The AP reports:

The Rev. Alberto Cutie (KOO’-tee-ay) was removed from his Miami Beach church after photos of him kissing and embracing a woman appeared in the pages of a Spanish-language magazine earlier this month.

He was received into Episcopal Church in a ceremony Thursday at Trinity Cathedral. He must complete other requirements before serving as an Episcopal priest.

Cutie spoke briefly at a press conference and read a statement in English and Spanish. He quoted from the book of Psalms and said, “More than ever, I’m assured that God is love.”

He continued, “I have searched my soul and sought God’s guidance for a long time.”

Before walking away without answering questions, Cutie thanked supporters and asked the media to respect his privacy…

Cutie has previously said he supports the Catholic Church’s stand that priests should be celibate and does not want to become the “anti-celibacy priest.”

Yeah, well. I could never get as ginned up about this story as others did, or even ginned up about Father Cutie’ himself. He seemed like a star. Acted like a star. I hope it’s love, and they get married. He likely has a few copies left of his popular book, “Real Life, Real Love: 7 Paths to a Strong, Lasting Relationship.”

Now, go with God.

UPDATE: The couple are planning to marry. Ruhama Buni Canellis, the fiancee, is at right in the AP photo, with Bishop Leo Frade of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida next to her. Father Cutie is talking. Nathc.


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