It is more than six weeks since Notre Dame extended an invitation to President Obama to deliver the commencement address, sparking outrage from conservatives. And that address is now just five days away. BUT…Notre Dame supporters are just now officially out of the gate with an organization and website to muster support!

(Explain again how liberals won the White House?)

Anyway, the website Catholics for Notre Dame is a project of This is their mission statement:

We believe:
  • That Notre Dame reflects the legacy of Catholic educational excellence which engages students to bring both faith and reason – through critical thinking – to bear on the moral issues of our time.
  • Catholic voters have a broad range of concerns, including but not limited to, the important goal of working to decrease the incidence of abortion.
  • On many issues of concern to  Catholics, President Obama has delivered – whether it’s moving the nation past the deep wounds of racial prejudice, working to end poverty, protecting our environment,  ending torture, or protecting workers’ rights, the President is working for social justice and protecting the least among us.

And here is their petition. Nice. But I think the crowd on Sunday will speak louder than anything at this point.

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